Mission: GLOBAL VOLUNTEER AID GHANA (GLOVOG_AIDGHANA) is a national approved non-profit research organization found in the year 2005. The organization is aspired to inspire, motivate, assist and offer support to divested and indigent African children and also less privileged ones but talented, through volunteer work. Global Volunteer Aid Ghana is a national approved organization located in Accra the capital city of Ghana. The organization is set up in support of different variety of services through volunteering work in the field of educational support, humanitarian support, poverty eradication, environmental protection, wildlife preservation, global warming awareness and fight obviate deadly diseases like HIV Aids, malaria, cancer, tuberculosis (T.B) etc and other traumatic challenges affecting our African communities and the world at large.

OUR MISSION Education in African communities lags far behind, academic standard are low and most community school learn in ramshackle classrooms, the percentage of drop out are highly increasing and inadequate facilities to support orphanage homes, poverty rising high, death of many parents through some deadly diseases like HIV aids, tuberculosis, cancer, lots of children suffer from malaria, fever etc. this has lead many children to orphans, street children and drop out from school and have been omitted from the society. This organization was set up after realizing the demand to promote youth education, orphanage support and poverty eradication is highly in need to our local communities and the world at large. Our involvement is assist and strengthen youth educational standard, orphanage support, help harness in youth creativity (art, soccer, athletic, music etc) and eradicate poverty in our African communities through volunteer abroad programs.We are aspire to eradicate child labour,child abuse and child trafficking in our local communities. Over the years we have work hand in hand with concern philanthropist (volunteers) from all over the world to mount a fundamental foundation for hundreds of less privileged ones in our local communities. Share your passion for less privileged ones and destitute children in our local communities through volunteerism to motivate, inspire and assist harness in youth creativity (sports), improving youth literacy and numeracy skills. We are actuated with great elan to create youth leadership to suite future demand and also put a smile in the face of destitute world in African communities through volunteer work.

OUR VISION As youth charity organization our long term vision is to create fundamental foundation for youth today to make future a better one when their time comes, over the years our participation of great elan is to mount responsible futures leaders and freelance entrepreneur to suit current challenges and other crises in the our African communities. We are actuated with a natural zeal to motivate and inspire less privileged ones to reach their fullest potentials in education, healthy care, environment protection, cultural elevation and youth creativity for a better well being.

Volunteer with us we are widely known in providing excellent abroad volunteer program/project in Ghana, our involvement contribute in strengthening and improving in the educational standard in African communities and also help improve the creativity of talented(soccer) youth in Africa through volunteer abroad programs, in the field of:

Health Care Project: we realize that African countries lack good medical attention in most of our local communities, many people lost their lives through bad water filtration, environment pollution,unhygienic foods, We are currently welcoming are interesting people in the medical sector join hands with organization to assist render free medical assistance in our community clinics or health centers, this volunteer opportunity is recommended to all who are ready to show much affection to people on the project and will be of much help health centers.

Teaching project : Volunteer who choose to teaching project much generous to all children in the school and must be loving, volunteer must be free to render all the best they can in English language, Mathematical, and other subjects as well. Your involvement on this project will be a memorable and motivation for Africa children all their lives and this project will enhance your CV or resumes as well. orphanage assistance and child care taking project : orphanage homes in our communities lack in adequate support for the children to benefit from so many way in the previous years have contributed in so many ways in most orphanage homes in Ghana with the help of abroad volunteerism and concern philanthropist, your involvement on this project will motivate and put a little smile on the face of this children in the orphanage homes. Coaching project : Currently soccer and other sport activities are the World fastest growing careers in Europe and other part of the world, Ghana his been declared one of the African countries performing tremendously in soccer and other sport activities, Global Volunteer Aid Ghana (glovog_aidghana) is offering a coaching volunteer opportunities to discover and improved on talented skills in soccer, volunteers will assist in coaching Colts teams, Under 17, 19 and under 20 teams. Volunteer will also coach during matches and can organize matches for different teams. This project is recommended for all soccer fans , coaches, dietitian and footballers as well. The organization runs it volunteer programs with local community schools, Local health centers (community clinics),football clubs (soccer),vocational and technical institution and we are endeavor to work hand in hand with our volunteers from all over the world to show humanitarian support to orphans and less privileged ones in the African communities. Your participation / involvement will enhance your curriculum vitae / resume. HOW TO ENROLL: Follow this simple step to enroll in our volunteer abroad and teaching and internship project

1. Contact glovog_aidghana for you application/registration form

2. Choose when and how long you will stay on the project

3. Enroll to be part of the outstanding altruist in the world

Contact the team for further assistance in your enrollment Contact us on /

Cost involved All volunteers pay a Participation / Registration fee of $ 800USD upon arrival for 2 weeks to one month stay on the project. This covers Airport pick-up and drop-off, Program Orientation, Administrative work, food and accommodation whiles on the project. Payment is made after Orientation the next day. Full payment is made based on how long the volunteer wants to stay. This means that when a volunteer wants to stay for 2 months on our placements, he/she will pay $ 800USD x 2 for the whole 2 months the next day after orientation.

What is Included Airport Pick Up: Upon arrival, our staff will be at the Airport to pick you up. Please do not forget to send us your flight information and we guarantee, you will never miss us at the airport. Orientation: Orientation about the local culture, history, safety, religious, and other issues relating to the country.

Accommodation: You will be staying with a host family, within a rented apartment and volunteer will stay either in a single or shared room. All our families are middle-class and live in safe neighborhoods. The distance from the project varies. The family will provide three meals a day.(local dishes but very delicious)

Compensation:We offer a moderate and flexible amount for all our programs to make it possible for everyone across the globe to participate in reaching their potential endeavour in supporting human welfare. The program fee also covers compensation for local families who supply accommodation and 3 times meals/food for each volunteer. Staying with a host family ,you will be truly immersed in the local culture, make new friends and learn local dialect (languages) .

Food/meals: In most cases your meals are cooked and provided for you by our host family. You will be getting 2/3 times Meals per day.Thus breakfast and lunch, Supper is provided during weekdays when volunteers are on placements.Meals are provided from first day to end of project to volunteers in their host home, nutritious and delicious local dishes. If you're a vegetarian or have any allergies, this is taken into account when we arrange your placement.

Safety: Your well being while volunteering /on the project with us is our priority. We make sure your trip is safe and our in-country coordinator will provide whatever support you may need at any step along the way.

What is NOT Included? Flight, Airport Taxes, Visa, Immunizations, Personal expenses, Soft drinks, Mineral Water, Passport, Travel Insurance, Entrance fees and in-country travel expenses including any excursions the volunteer wishes to take whiles volunteering.

Important information

I. The program fee does not cover soft drinks, mineral water, and personal expenses. Volunteers will be traveling on local buses and not air-condition buses.

II. We will offer meals and lodging from the first to the last day of the program.

III. Your well being is taken into consideration from first day to end of project and also we ensure that volunteers safety in our in country is always our ultimate goal.

Contact us on: for enrollment.

Organization Category: Environment

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Location: Ghana, Accra

Address: P. O. Box NG 444 Nungua, Accra - Ghana, Ghana, West Africa, Accra, Greater Accra Region, 0233, Ghana