Nonprofits will love this new tool from Media Impact Funders and Foundation Center called "Foundation Maps for Media Funding,". This is a free, interactive mapping and research tool that shows philanthropically funded media projects worldwide since 2009.

Visualize funding flows by recipient location or foundation location. The tool is designed for funders, nonprofits, mission-driven media makers, journalists and philanthropic researchers to analyze funding and investment in the field.

Media funding can be searched and visualized by the following:

  • Show Grants By: Explore data for funders (blue) or recipients (orange).
  • Location: Global, country, region, state and city.
  • Subject Area: View the distribution of a specific organization's funding by subject areas, including an "and/or" search function.
  • More Filters and Advanced Search: Tailor your search by funder type, grant amount, population served, keyword and more.
  • Map: Visualize funding by recipient location (orange bubbles) or foundation location (blue bubbles).
  • List: View and sort foundation, recipients and grants data in table form. Select details for more grant detail.
  • Charts: Compare funding for different activities and display it on a trends chart, bar chart or wind rose (circular bar chart). Click on a line, bar or petal to drill down further and view a grants list.

If you are funding media projects take some time to explore Foundation Maps for Media Funding.